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1. Do not send ADA to the generated payment address after the reservation/expiry time has passed.

2. Do not send ADA to the same address more than once. To order more than 1 NFT refresh the page for a new payment address.

3. Only Yoroi, Daedalus, Nami, or ADAlite wallets for the payments.

4. Make sure to tick “include fees” while making the payment. The amount of ADA received by us has to be equal to or higher than the presented price.

5. Incorrectly made purchases:

⁃ ADA was sent after the expiry/reservation time,
⁃ Amount of ADA mismatched with reservation.
⁃ Double payments to the same address.

Will be automatically refunded within 6-12 hours.

6. The NFTs will be minted and sent immediately after payment gets confirmed. Therefore, it might take 1-40 minutes for the NFTs to arrive in Your wallet.

7. Please read through 1-6. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage.

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